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What we Teach

Music instruments

  • Mirudangam

  • Tabla

  • Pakawaj

  • Keyboard

  • Harmonium

  • Guitar

  • Mandolin

  • Sitar

  • Drums

  • Thumba

  • Triple Kango

  • Bangoes

  • Rhythm Pads

  • Ukulele

  • Guitalele

Classes are grouped according to the ability of the students, with sessions for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students.

There are no terms or semesters; students may advance to the

next level class at any time during the year, based on their ability.

Class sizes are kept small. This ensures personal attention from the teacher; the teacher is aware when a student is ready to advance.

When and Where

Music Classes

Weekdays and Weekends

Sri Sai Natyalayam (Since 1950) 
Institute & H.O. No:1/8,
Gowri Colony, (Near Macmillan Colony),
Nanganallur, Chennai - 600 061.
Phone:+91-44- 2224 8374

Weekdays (Tuesday – Friday )



Saturday : 3pm-7pm

Sunday : 7am-11am

Skype Classes

Skype id : srisainatyalaayam1

Chat with us to know more

Classes at other times  may be arranged on an individual basis. Private training sessions are always conducted at the Home Studio location. A new location where there are enough students (typically at least fifteen) may be suitable for starting a new weekly session.

If our times or locations don't suit you, we do conduct Skype classes  too (Skype id – srisainatyalaayam1)

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