Arangetram is the debut on-stage performance of a former student of Indian classical dance and music. This first performance follows years of training.

The first section of this page describes the progression of a Bharatanatyam dance student at SriSaiNatyalayam. Developing dancers go through various stages or milestones, which are

SriSaiNatyalayam is well-known for spotting young talents and nurturing them into talented performing artist. The classes are conducted only by the Guru.


Each student gets individual attention in the class, nurturing a close relationship with the teacher. The teacher of SriSaiNatyalayam take absolute care to ensure that the training period in this institute is an experience of learning dance with joy.

The students are taught the nuances of the art before they are graduated.

This section will help you understand what to expect at these stages, and show you how far you can go.

What we Teach

In the first half the Bharatanatyam artists generally performs

  • Pushpanjali or Alaripu

  • Jatiswaram

  • Shabda

  • Varnam

The second half:

  • Padam

  • Ashtapadi or Devaranama

  • Tillana

  • Mangala


We are offering certification for the students who are performing in the programs which is been conducted by our institution.